About us

Milele Museum is more than just a museum, we are a cultural institution with solutions towards a futuristic Africa. We are here to reshape conservation efforts through technology and sustainability to inspire the next generation of Africans.





Co-Founder Kuuru Artspace

Canda is a self-taught artist who has a unique perspective on life, art and culture that is influenced by his passion as an artist as well as personal conflicts and struggles. Through different activities, Canda experienced the great impact art can have on individuals as well as on communities. 



With experiences in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Rwanda, Meliibees explores her
roots through visuals and writing. She creates concepts from founding's of
different research. Topics includes African confidence, creativity and history.



Chidi Nwaubani


The creator of Looty, Chidi Nwaubani is a visionary designer, artist and tech practitioner. His outstanding contributions have been recognised with a Webby Award and featured in BBC, Rueters and Frieze, among other publications. As a member of Snapchat's Lens Creator Network, experimenting with XR/AR to redefine art by providing captivating experiences. 

Ian Okinda


Production & Game Direction: Award-winning developer and partner at Kunta. With over 7 years of game development in the continent on various platforms. Formerly Usiku games, 
and Jiwe Studios. Currently @ Urban Gurus. 
ARVR Winner and ID@Xbox winner

Brian Njenga 


Award-winning founder of Urban Gurus. One of Kenya’s leading digital artists, XR/Game developer, and an International consultant for both cultural institutions and creative studios. Kalasha award winner, heritage and culture enthusiast. SOTA  & DLA Alumni, France Cultural week Exhibitor